Course Contents and ECTS Credits 

Before observing the academic catalogue of the University, it is recommended to take a brief look at the below points:

1.      In the catalogue the language of the lecture is mentioned as Turkish. As it is well-known by encouraging the incorporation of different languages and cultures in the academic programmes, ERASMUS programme aims to promote cultural exchanges. In case of a curriculum with a foreign language, ERASMUS programme supports the exchange students by offering intensive language courses (Erasmus Intensive Language Course-EILC). By this way, most of the universities in the programme use their native languages in the courses and give lecture notes to ERASMUS students in English. In the Namık Kemal University Library, it is possible to find variety of academic sources written in English. Besides, our lecturers also have their own numerous sources in the related fields. Our lecturers ardently support exchange students in the explanation of the courses.

2.      In the catalogue, the departments under the Faculty of Agriculture seem to be listed as different fields. At the end of the 6th semester, students of Agricultural Engineering Department choose sub departments. It is possible to see the courses of the program by observing the 7th and 8th semester of the program. As it is also visible in the titles of the courses, under the reconstruction process starting from the year 2008 it is possible to see the content of the courses starting from the semester I.

3.      In the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, 30 percentage of the courses are given in English.

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