Namık Kemal University maintains to embark efforts to reinforce the policy  of  establishing  amicable  and  productive  academic  relations    with  universities worldwide,  as well as to promote international student, faculty and non-faculty exchange following its tradition of openness and mindful of its international  reputation, geographical position and potential.



2.1.1. Further inclusion of Namık Kemal University into the mainstream of academic cooperation in the region, Europe and the world.

2.1.2. Creating such environment to model students capable of being operative in other cultures and environments, by providing adequate:

a) Study programmes
b) Exchange programmes for students    who wish to complete part of their study programmes abroad;
c) Joint programmes of academic and professional studies (undergraduate, graduate, special and doctoral) with universities abroad;
d) Visiting opportunities for both foreign faculty and students;
e) Information abroad on vacancies for teaching positions at  Namık Kemal University . In order to encourage faculty from other countries  to apply for  and accept teaching positions at Namık Kemal University , the management of the  Namık Kemal University  and other University services will, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, make a special effort to provide adequate accommodation.
f) Training of the University services staff  to work with foreign students and faculty.


2.2.1. Creating ample opportunities for faculty and student exchange and employing foreign faculty  in  order  to  add  an  international  perspective  to  study  programmes  and  their implementation, as well as to the faculty development programmes.

2.2.2. Forging stronger links with former students who live abroad by supporting alumni associations.

2.2.3. Educating students internationally competent in their respective fields.



3.1.1. Point to the importance of internationalization

3.1.2. Provide adequate financial support for internationalization

3.1.3. Provide for adequate evaluation of potential partner institutions

3.1.4. Develop institutional and organisational framework for internationalization

3.1.4. Provide for coordination of internationalization  across the University



3.2.1. Provide for internationalization  of study programmes

3.2.2. Increase offer of study programmes in English and other foreign languages

3.2.3. Prepare students for international professions

3.2.4. Add international elements to existing study programmes

3.2.5. Develop and support international study programmes

3.2.6. Support and further develop foreign language programmes as integral part of effort toward internationalization


3.3.1. Attract larger numbers of foreign students at all levels: undergraduate, graduate and doctoral. In order to achieve this objective, it is necessary to:

- provide sufficient and adequate accommodation in students’ halls of residence as well as in private accommodation, through licensed agencies that will guarantee standard quality and prices of accommodation
- provide for adequate health insurance for foreign students
- provide adequate facilities for student’s social life,
- introduce a centralized system of recordkeeping for foreign students at Namık Kemal University through alumni associations, which would enable follow up on their careers after they return to their home countries.

3.3.2. Intensify marketing of Namık Kemal University, Provide adequate support for foreign students to successfully complete their studies at Namık Kemal University,

3.3.3. Develop adequate services to accommodate larger number of foreign students at Namık Kemal University.


Having all the above in mind, the Rectorate of Namık Kemal University and its services in charge accept responsibility to:

4.1. Promote and sustain relations with universities and international institutions abroad,

4.2. Represent the University in all matters involving the elements of internationalization,

4.3. Cooperate in the matters of formulation, implementation and representation of the international projects,

4.4. Identify, analyze and disseminate information concerning international cooperation ,

4.5. Coordinate and monitor the participation of the University in various networks, consortiums, associations and institutions of international cooperation and update the relevant information,

4.6. Support the services in charge of international mobility of faculty, students and other staff at the University and coordinate their activities,

4.7. Together with the services in charge, organize international conferences at the University level and visits by representatives of foreign universities and international institutions,

4.8. The faculties and institutes of Namık Kemal University carry out their individual international cooperation programmes and provide participation in international projects in cooperation with and coordinated by the Rectorate and the services in charge.