The Application and Research Center for International Relations was established to promote our University on international platforms, to develop international relations on cultural and scientific issues, and to enrich and develop the intellectual, cultural and personal experiences of students and academic staff. The Center establishes international collaborations to achieve the stated objectives; encourages university staff to produce international projects; Erasmus Program carries out programs and projects originating from the European Union, such as the Learning Mobility of Individuals in Higher Education and the European Solidarity Program (ESC). In addition, Farabi and Mevlana Exchange Programs, which are the national and international mobility programs of the Higher Education Council (YÖK), and our University's International Students Coordinatorship also carry out their activities within the Foreign Relations Application and Research Center.


Subsidiaries of International Relations Center:

General Foreign Affairs / International Academic Cooperations / ESC Office

Coordinatorship of Erasmus Exchange Programme

Coordinatorship of Farabi Exchange Programme

Coordinatorship of Mevlana Exchange Programme

Coordinatorship of International Students